Small render job using Vimark Monochrome with reinforced fibres, beautiful material to render with.
Tony R.
Arenino sprays like a tight tyro. Not like bucket coat,but if hand applied not too different finish to 1 mm bucket coat (acrylic) very nice material to apply, this would be great for correcting mono jobs or even painted sound render as you can put a coat of it on mesh then tight coat to finish. Rasolite I put a sample on a customers property( painted render) you can apply this product anywhere from 3mm to 30mm, again very nice to use and rub, I did a m2 with mesh and rubbed up, then I will be applying silicone topcoat, I went and checked it yesterday after two weeks of it been on and it is s**t to a blanket very impressed and will be using this product, for the full house over 300 plus m2.
I have had a site meeting today with Alexander @Bauwer to go over the spec on a job, Arenino is going to be the chosen product, the point is this is the second time I have had the pleasure of Alex's company and have found him to be a really nice guy and totally professional. I can't see problems with dealing with him more regular in the future, keep up the good work @Bauwer! And the products he is peddling is good gear I would urge anyone to give it a go....
I used some yesterday that was sent out to me by @Bauwer. Was really nice stuff to spray and rule. Put it on yesterday finish it this morning. It's very very good Mono. And it's well priced. Am in the middle of pricing 250 houses and I'll be using it if I get them. The ritmo loved it.
I have to say that the @Bauwer products are really good and we will be using them again. This is light and finish with the Talocciato.
Well might of been a small patch job to try it on but I thought it would be better than doing a whole wall to see how it reacts to backgrounds and how it feels, glad I did now as where it is blended in to existing walls was lovely to work it into tbh. I don't think the join will need any sanding before painting, time to set was 130 mins same gear to lay it in, gear in bucket loosens up with a little stir round which was good, trowels up with ease and is rock hard when it's set as stupid as that sounds, definitely gonna have a go on a full room with GB1 tbh. I look forward to it.
Material to trowel on feel 7/10 lol feels like really wet dry wall adhesive but still was fine.
Material to trowel up and finish 9.5/10.
Finish 9.5/10 (looked great but that might of just been my skills loly).
Current project using Virmark. Patching and floating over old brick in grey. Over solid painted render with Rasolite. Going to spray Color.Vk 1.2 silicone topcoat over all 12 houses next week. Both Rasolite and Monochrome are excellent. Spray lovely and can be built out really thick without slumping. Must be the fiber!