Protective coating based on silicates: ACQUASHIELD LI

High performance transparent protective coating based on hybrid lithium silicates for concrete flooring

Protective coating based on silicates: ACQUASHIELD LI

ACQUASHIELD LI is a high performance, transparent, single-component liquid product for protecting, sealing industrial floors and internal cement surfaces. This surface treatment based on hybrid Nano Lithiumâ„¢, when applied on mineral industrial flooring, solidifies and protects increasing the abrasion resistance, creating a tough waterproof surface, dust-repellent and resistant to chemical substances. Guaranteeing a clear finish with a shiny effect, with easy application, ideal where a maximum protection is needed in a minimum time.

It can be applied in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centres, food processing plants, cold or refrigerated rooms, parking lots, hangars, showrooms, offices, shopping malls and in all areas where there is a need to increase the resistance and the durability of concrete.

When applied maintenance, repair and cleaning costs are reduced, it is washable with a damp cloth and floor cleaning machines. The product is also used in polishing cycles of concrete and industrial floors.

For its special chemical nature, ACQUASHIELD LI creates a permanent bond with concrete surfaces, penetrating deeply into the capillary pores guaranteeing a uniform hardening with no flaking or chipping.



  • 0.010-0.015 liters per m2 per coat


    • 5 liters plastic can
    • 25 liters plastic can


  • Transparent



  • Internal
  • Floor


  • Airless
  • Manual
  • Brush

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