EASY DYE for paints

Concentrated dyes for decorative products, paints and finishes

EASY DYE for paints

EASY DYE are concentrated water based highly efficient dyes consisting of organic and inorganic pigments depending on the colour. Thanks to the special formula they can be used in a wide range of applications: colouring decorative products, paints and finishes in general, of both water-based and powder form and are suitable for internal and external use.

The colouring system with EASY DYE is simple and easy, allowing for a wide range of colours suitable to decorate your home. Just add the amount of dye directly to the tub of paint and stir thoroughly to get the required colour. This easy method will stimulate your creativity, making you want to experiment in order to find just the right colour. Playing with the colours and varying the amount of dye added it is possible to build a vast range of colours composed of light shades up to more intense tones.

EASY DYE are compatible with all water-based paints and can be mixed together to create hundreds of new colours. The colours of the EASY DYE range do not contain substances that are hazardous to health or the environment, allowing you to work incomplete safety.



  • In funzione della colorazione.


    • 50 ml pot
    • 250 ml pot


  • EASY DYE collection colours




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