I love PAVI.DECOR, decorative microcement systems for creating continuous surfaces

The systems PAVI.DECOR by Vimark are a collection of decorative coatings for creating continuous surfaces that thanks to the manual and artisanal work of the applicator acquire a soul of their own, a unique result, always a different look from the original design.



Antique materials used to make modern art, innovative surfaces for a contemporary design, sophisticated and personalized. Thanks to very high physical and mechanical resistance and adhesion, the decorative systems can be applied on almost any type of material. The thickness of the systems contained in just 3 mm lets you apply them on coatings,  floors, existing surfaces for a quick makeover of living spaces and furnishing.

The possibility of choosing the material aspect, the colour, the type of surface finish, make the systems PAVI.DECOR by Vimark perfectly personal depending on the needs of the project, the environment and the customer’s taste. The final continuous aspect, the absence of joints, the surface protection, all allow for fast and easy cleaning and maintenance of the areas decorated.

The wide range of possible solutions facilitate the choice of the most appropriate decorative system in accordance to the technical and aesthetic performance sought and the practicality of the environments, ensuring a long life.

The systems are composed of basic materials, decorative products and protective resins. The base product allows for the surface preparation, while the water-based resins provide the final protection and the gloss, matt or satin surface effect, without affecting the decorating product’s appearance.



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